Customized programming complete with
your own Personal Coach

Clients are individually assessed and follow a structured program designed around their abilities and goals

New to Fitness?
Intimidated? Don’t be!

Find support in our fun and upbeat community. We work with any and all levels of fitness! All you need to bring is your commitment and dedication.

Custom Nutrition plans for optimal results.

All individuals require specific nutrition prescriptions, find out today how our program will pinpoint the factors to your success.

Reignite your fire
with Primal Performance

Prepare yourself for life’s physical challenges with this high pace, community driven program. Led by a┬ámulti-year Crossfit Competitor and OPT certified Coach.

Get Inspired with Lifestyle Coaching.

The journey to discover your true self, centers around the quality of questions that you ask yourself each day.
What would you absolutely love to do with your life?

Free Fitness Consultation

Stop waiting! Start your journey today with a free, no obligation fitness consultation. Sign Up Today

What’s Your Journey?

Start fresh today with Garage Gym. Optimize your human potential through fitness, nourishment, and lifestyle prescriptions. What are you waiting for?

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Supportive Community

Don't go it alone. Find inspiration in our tight knit community, online or in class. Get inspired to work harder. And get tips from trainers and peers too!

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Measured Results

Work with our trainers to set, reach, and exceed your goals. With check-ups and detailed programs, we'll help make sure you're on track with your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

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Success Stories

We'll help you meet your fitness goals. But don't just take our word for it. Hear how Garage Gym has helped shape the bodies and lives of these individuals.

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At Garage Gym, we believe each client should enjoy a life of health, energy, balanced strength, and knowledge created through a solid foundation of personal training, nutrition, and lifestyle education. Our goal is to have ach client achieve optimal whole body health, allowing them to discover and pursue their born essence.


  • Constant, steady improvement
  • Commitment to all clients’ success
  • Inspire individuals to chase greatness
  • Provide knowledge and framework for optimal health

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