Aug 10th, 2012

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Lost over 50+ lbs!

Garage Gym is proud to announce Laurel B July Client of the MONTH!

Laurel has an absolutely amazing story and journey that she has traveled.
Laurel sat down at her consultation Nov 14th 2011, tired, frustrated with modern medicine, she was sleeping more than she was awake due to no energy, working full-time with 2 kids and married. At Laurels assessment she had a difficult time performing squats, bending and all upper body movements due to pain in her joints, sore back, and major structural balances. Below is a brief summary of what has happened in the past 8 months!!

I have lost 50+ pounds!
I have been able to stop taking my antacidRx. At first I was every other day but now I’m totally off them andI eat anything I want without a concern.
I stopped taking my high blood pressureRx. My pressure is now 120/76 – textbook!
I stopped taking steroids for my inflammation because the diet is taking care of this now instead.
I’m hungry for the first time in a really long time. Before I was eating because it was meal time now I’m snacking btwn meals so I don’t eat the table when mealtime finally comes.
I feel like I want to get back to running,but I know that physically I’m not ready yet. Haven’t felt like running since…well let’s just say it’s been a long time 🙂
I am able to partake in activities with my kids and not just watch from the sidelines or struggle to keep up with them. They noticed the difference and it made me feel like Superwoman!!!
I’m down six pant sizes – I put on an older pair on Monday thinking I’d get away with it if I tucked the shirt in and they fell to the floor!!!! Needed to modify my clothing choice that morning.
Today I wore a dress I haven’t fit into in at least 5 years and I didn’t even need my spanks with it.

These accomplishments are noticed and celebrated one at a time as they occur, but are pretty remarkable when you look at all of them together on a list like this. I’m finally on a road to a natural recovery where there is no room for drugs to mask my symptoms because there are no symptoms to mask. I am so proud of that it feeds my energy level every day! My pill organizer which was full of prescriptions is now just supplements – natural items – to help my body repair itself. It just feels right. I feel so good now that when people apologize for eating something in front of me that I don’t eat I tell them it’s okay and that I feel bad that they are eating it because it’s really poison to their system. They could be doing so much more for their health if they changed their diet. Then I hand them one of your cards and tell them to call you. 🙂

Laurel is now completing the following
– 20 inch russian step ups with 25lb Dumbbells per HAND!
– Rowing at a blistering sub 2:00 split on the concept 2 rower
– Does air squats to perfect depth and form WHILE holding a 30lb Dumbbell
– Can do over 60 walking lunges within a workout to full depth and perfect form
– Is very close to her first strict CHINUP!
– Has a solid understanding of low back control and positioning keeping her back safe outside of the gym.

But most importantly she feels great and has changed her life for the better.
Laurel had every excuse in the book, kids, job, schedule, husband working out of town, finances, etc etc… She realized that without a 100% functioning and healthy body, life is a drag! Laurel motivates myself and her current trainer Jessica to continue helping numerous people just like herself feel better and smile with results.

Laurels program consisted of refining her nutrition specifically for her. Training 1-2x per week, (YES, 1-2x per week) More is not better. Perhaps lifestyle and nutrition are key here?? I think so. Instilling a positive mindset to success and providing weekly accountability so she stuck with the program!!

Laurel congrats! You are an inspiration to everyone!

Everyone reading this has the POWER to make their health and fitness dreams come true! I want you to think positively everyday, set goals, accomplish them and continue progressing as that is what life is about, improvement!
I would enjoy hearing from those reading this. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your health and fitness goals. Tell me what you enjoy about fitness and chasing good health!!

On wards and upwards!!

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