2 week fitness design for Melissa Moshetti

Aug 21st, 2013

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2 week fitness design for Melissa Moshetti

Melissa is a coach at Garage Gym but also an exclusive private and remote program client at Garage Gym.
Here is a sample 2 week program that Melissa will be following for the next 2 weeks.
Clean Jerk absolute strength
Snatch absolute strength
Increase bodyweight Pull ups
Improve back squat A2G flexibility
Increase Aerobic Power
This template is 10 weeks in, and Melissas CJ has gone up 20 lbs, snatch is up 15lbs, her pull ups have increased (not sure on amount as we haven’t tested, depth on back squat is massively improved which has helped oly lifts, aerobic power will be tested shortly to mark for improvements
All individuals need a fitness coach. All individuals are unique in their needs and goals. Small group class can also be very effective IF the program design is written correctly.
A Pullup negatives 1 set max seconds. 45+?   rest as needed
A2 Mixed grip assisted chin ups 2010 6-8 x 5 rest 2-3 min bt sets
B Standing barbell curl 51X1 6 x 5 rest 1 min bt arms and sets- stand with your back against the wall.
10 power clean 75#
10 lateral bar burpees x 3 for time
60 min hike/walk
A Overhead squat. squat snatch 3.1 x 5 rest 2 min  do 3 ohs, drop from top, then setup and do 1 perfect snatch from the floor
B. Clean and jerk cluster 1.1. 125#- rest 20 sec bt reps, drop from top, crisp and clean- feel the bar and your body, be smooth- rest 2 min bt sets 6-8 sets- if you fatigue or form goes to shit, then stop
C1 Pullup assisted pronated grip 21X1 AMRAP @ 10# assistance per set x 3 rest 2 min
C2 Back squat A2G 55X1 4-6 x 3 rest 2 min – knees externally rotated, core super tight vaccum and chest up
in 8 min perform max sets of 50 unbroken double unders
A. Triple Broad jump max distance 1 x 8 rest 1 min
B. Back squat 40X0 1 rep every 30 sec at challenging but not max weight for a total of 10 min- focus on fast explosion out of hole
C. Standing press barbell- work up to a 1 RM
take 65% of that and perform 50 reps for time- this gets tough
A Pullup negatives 12 sec negative 3 sec rest at bottom 3-4 reps x 4 rest 2 min
B Powell raise 4010 AMRAP per arm @ 15# x 4 rest 1 min bt sets
Row 500m at 2:00 pace rest 2 min 3-4 sets- stop when you cant hold a 2:00 avg
60 min hike/walk
A  Hang squat snatch cluster 1.1 x 5 rest 2 min bt sets, 30 sec bt clusters- drop fast under the bar- all sets at 80#
B. Clean and Jerk work up to a tough double in 7 min- drop each rep from the top and re set for 10 sec bt reps
C  pullup cluster no assistance 1.1. rest 20 sec bt clusters x 4 rest 2 min bt sets
D Back squat A2G 1 1/4 reps  6 x 3 rest 2 min – knees externally rotated, core super tight vaccum and chest up- all sets at 135#- warm up correctly
Tabata airsquats  20 sec max air squats rest 10 sec x 8- score = lowest reps on any of the 8 sets. try to get a score of 15+ – hold stop watch in your hand, workout is 4 min long
A. Vertical jump 2 hand overhead 1.1.1. x 5 rest 2 min bt sets and 10 sec bt jumps- quick pop
B. Back squat A2G 165# 1 rep 30X1 x 10 rest 90 sec- focus on speed coming up, and good depth
C. Push Press 21X0 touch n go 8 x 5 rest 2 min- aggressive and fast, good lockout
D. Bwt chin up cluster 1.1. x 5 rest 2 min rest 20 sec bt reps
E Practice Turkish get ups for 10 min with lite KB or DB

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