My Journey at Garage Gym

Apr 18th, 2014

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My Journey at Garage Gym

I worked out for several years with the majority of the time sticking to running. I

would occasionally take an exercise class but never stuck to it. I made an appointment

with Josh and was so inspired from my first consult that I knew I needed to work with the

team at Garage Gym. I was at a point where I knew I needed to do something different. I

had stomach issues; fatigue was affecting my everyday activities, back and hip pains and

no strength.

After attending Garage Gym for a few months, Josh referred me to have a ALCAT test,

Cortisol and Adrenals tested. These tests showed me that  I needed to make changes

with my nutrition, sleep patterns, stress management and my exercise routine to see health

improvements. My main goal was to work towards feeling and being healthy. I have learned

that our health is not a quick fix it is a life style change but you have to know where changes

need to be made and that comes from proper direction. I have definitely gained so much

knowledge in many areas of nutrition and exercise. Since I have been working with Josh & Bob,

I have seen great improvements. I have completed my first chin up ever and even my first sit ups

with no support along with numerous full depth pushups and Goblet squats holding a 52# Kettle bell.

My back and hip pain is gone which makes everyday activities much easier. Many of my stomach issues

have lessened. I have gained strength and lost weight and inches. I know I would not have made

this progress with out the knowledge and support of Garage Gym. I look forward to each and

every workout session with Josh and Bob.


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