If you are a mom, this is a must read….

Sep 6th, 2014

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If you are a mom, this is a must read….

All summer long you have spent countless hours driving your kids around town, entertaining their friends, getting ready for family vacations and family parties. The amount of time you have spent on YOU has been nonexistent. Year after year, when kids go back to school we hear, “Now it’s time for me to get back into a routine and start working out again.” I’ll admit that even for me finding time during the summer to workout is harder than usual (I still schedule it in though) but now that September has rolled around, it’s time to buckle down.

Last week GG trainer Bob sat down with a client who was expressing frustrations with sleep patterns and overall stress levels. He had her complete an activity where she records what she does for every hour of every day for 1 week. After completing the activity she noticed she was spending ZERO time on herself (naps, massage, fitness, cooking healthy food, date nights, etc.) This directly affected her energy levels, and overall health. That same day with the help of her trainer she reworked her schedule to find MUCH more time to cook healthy food, get to bed earlier and schedule “dates” doing things she loves.

Some interesting stats…..85% of Garage Gym client are BRAND NEW to fitness or have never worked with a professional coach before. The #1 reason clients work with us is for accountability and structure (individual to them). The #1 reason people avoid working out is self-efficacy (feelings of not being able to, or embarrassment) and a close second is lack of TIME. Understanding our target market and listening to their needs we have designed a special offer for moms.

For 1 week ONLY we are offering a TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT on two packages (VIP and Remote +). All are in a private comfortable setting, efficient on time and encourage personal accountability.

The TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT allows clients to receive a free consultation PLUS an assessment prior to committing to any package. If for any reason you do not feel as though the program is a right fit for you, you pay nothing.  If you feel the program and the trainer are going to over-deliver and you are ready to start your journey at Garage Gym, you will simply receive a Welcome To Garage Gym email with a start date and the details of the package you choose.

I understand that committing to a program is a big decision, which is why I’m willing to provide a FREE consult AND assessment on anyone who feels that the program may be a good fit. I guarantee this 2 step process will answer all of your questions… Will I like my trainer? What package can I afford that will allow me to see the best results? Do I like the environment of the facility? Will the movements be scale-able to my level?


The clock starts now….7 days and this offer runs out. MOMS ONLY. Back to school = back to you.


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