Garage Gym Client Highlight: Kathryn Hess

Oct 31st, 2014

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Garage Gym Client Highlight: Kathryn Hess

kathryn hess

My journey:


I first heard about Garage Gym from a co-worker of mine. She would come into school on Wednesday mornings with the biggest smile on her face, tons of energy, was looking very

strong, and felt an overall sense of health that was inspiring to me. This was after her 6 am workouts, which was something unfathomable to me. I was a first year teacher, spending

close to 80 hours a week at school, with no idea of how to fit health and fitness into my routine. Before I knew it, I had to go out and buy new clothes because my old ones

were too tight. I wasn’t eating right, exercising, or leading a healthy lifestyle. Other than the weight I put on, I was also constantly sick, exhausted, and not living the life I



I can genuinely say that my life completely changed when I signed up for Garage Gym. It was June, and I was almost done with my first year of teaching. I thought if another

teacher could manage this in her schedule, so could I. I remember feeling a little nervous for my first workout because I hadn’t done any exercise in almost two years. As soon as

I walked in the door, I was greeted by a supportive staff and community, who cheered me on as I struggled to complete air squats, which are now a favorite exercise of mine (and I can

do 42 in 60 seconds). Jordan spent time with me throughout the workout explaining the proper technique and form, working with me side by side until I got it. As a teacher, I

really appreciate that he had many different ways to explain these techniques to me. I continue to be inspire and motivated by Jordan each time I work out. He openly shares his

journey to fitness and health with clients, making the environment at Garage Gym unlike other fitness communities because it is safe and supportive.



I spent my summer working on my master’s degree, but was diligently going to the gym with training plans e-mailed to me by Josh. I really looked forward to my workouts after sitting

in class and in the library all day. By mid-July, I had already lost enough weight that my clothes were fitting me differently. Additionally, I had developed some muscles in my

legs and arms that I had never seen before! I loved the way I looked and felt. It was and continues to be such an inspiration for me to keep going. While I was in graduate

school, I also was very careful about my diet. I did go out with friends and splurge on weekends, but during the week I prepared my meals carefully. Because I was going to school in a

rural area, I was able to get locally grown fruits, vegetables, and proteins. I worked very hard to make sure that each meal was balanced, nutritious, and delicious, and this

continues to be a challenge for me in the chaos of day-to-day life. Initially, I joined Garage Gym to lose weight and because I wanted to get “thin”. By the time I was three months

in, I had lost some weight but was instead more focused on developing strength, stability, and stamina in my everyday life. This is what I continue to focus on, rather than

what pant size I’m wearing (but dropping from a size 12 to a size 6 feels pretty amazing!). Garage Gym is different than any other fitness community I have ever been a part of

because of the supportive, enthusiastic, and safe environment created by the trainers and clients. Everyone is on a journey, and we are all working together towards a common

goal of a healthier life.


Kathryn Hess


Garage Gym will be launching a variety of brand new value packed free content to its blog and facebook page in the upcoming months. A series of monthly podcasts will

soon be released and free to everyone, where we interview successful Garage Gym clients so they can share their SECRETS to success, specialist in areas like nutrition, finance, and

many others…We believe in the sharing of ideas so everyone can benefit.

Garage Gym will also be launching “Guest Bloggers” on a monthly basis. Similar to the podcast we are going to be inviting individuals to contribute their life experiences and

critical “keys to success” in many areas of life, via our blog. Our first post will be by Kathryn Hess. She will be sharing a detailed plan on how she went from a size 12 to a size 6

but most importantly how she found the journey to be exciting and rewarding for her.


Garage Gym


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