If you’re a mom (or any busy person), we’ve got help for you…

Nov 10th, 2014

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If you’re a mom (or any busy person), we’ve got help for you…


Summer came and went while you spent countless hours driving your kids around town, entertaining their friends, and getting ready for family vacations and parties. Now that the fall season has arrived, it’s back to the same routine of running the kids to sports and school events. Winter is soon approaching and you are realizing that the amount of time you are spending on YOU has been nonexistent.

Year after year, when kids go back to school we hear, “Now it’s time for me to get back into a routine and start working out again.” And then again as the New Year approaches, “it’s time to spend more time on myself.”  I’ll admit that even for me, finding time to work out is harder as I get busier…. BUT, I’ve learned that I have to make time.


Last month, one of Garage Gym’s trainers, Bob, sat down with a client who was expressing frustrations with lack of sleep and overall stress levels. He gave her an eye-opening assignment. She was to record everything she does for every hour of every day for 1 week. At the end of that week, she noticed she was spending ZERO time for herself. This directly affected her energy levels, overall health and general feelings of happiness. That same day, with the help of her trainer, she reworked her schedule to find MUCH more time to cook healthy food, get to bed earlier and schedule “dates” doing things she loves.


Unless you feel like you have plenty of time to do all of things you love…

Do this activity today (Don’t skip it! It’s the foundation to everything we’re sharing with you this week)


Find a quiet space in your house, get out a piece of paper and pen and block out the days of the week. Start your schedule with the hour you wake up and proceed to fill in each hour of every day until it is complete. It might look like this…


6:00am wake up

6:30am prep/eat breakfast

7:00am Get kids out of bed and prep their breakfast

7:30am take kids to school

8:00am go to work



Keep an eye on your email tomorrow for some surprising insights on making TIME FOR YOU. Make sure you complete your homework, we’ll dive in tomorrow.

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