New movements and expert fitness tips… FREE

Nov 13th, 2014

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New movements and expert fitness tips… FREE


In our survey from two days ago, we asked,

“What are your biggest fears in starting your road to becoming fit and healthy?”

  1. What if I hate doing the exercises?
  2. I know I’ll quit, so why start?
  3. Everyone at the gym will be in better shape than I am
  4. What if it’s too hard?


Your most common answers were “what if I hate it,” and “what if it’s too hard?”


I have had the same fears working with new coaches. It’s scary.


No one likes to feel uncomfortable.


So here’s the deal….


For 10 clients ONLY we are offering a TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.


What’s that mean?


You get to decide if our program is the best fit for you!


You will get a FREE consultation, where you’ll sit down with Josh and formulate a plan that’s right for your goals, your schedule, and your budget.

Then, you’ll get a FREE intro session, where you’ll meet with your trainer. This is where you get the good stuff! Based on your current abilities, you will learn how to perform basic movements with proper form, how to scale any movement to your ability, and get some valuable nutrition basics! No scales, no shaming, just find out what you are already capable of, and how to build on it!


If it’s not for you, you’ll walk away with…


  • New exercises that you can do at your own fitness facility.
  • New stretches that you can do at home to minimize body aches and pains.
  • Nutrition advice on how to feel and look your best.


If, for any reason, you do not feel as though the program is a right fit for you, you pay nothing.


If you feel the program and your trainer are going to over-deliver, and you are ready to start your journey at Garage Gym, you will simply receive a Welcome to Garage Gym Email with a start date and the details of the package you choose and are comfortable with.


I understand that committing to a program is a big decision, which is why I’m willing to provide FREE COACHING to ensure we are the right fit.


This will allow you to get the answers to questions like…


  • Will I like my trainer?
  • What package can I afford that will allow me to see the best results?
  • Do I like the environment of the facility?
  • Will the movements be scale-able to my level?


And here’s the great news…


For those who join our community and realize how exciting and fun getting fit and healthy can be, there are 3 exciting bonuses we want to give you!


Bonus #1 A FREE Garage Gym ALL TIME FAVORITE book that will be a lifelong resource and find a place on your coffee table.

Bonus #2 Garage Gym list of top 10 reads. Books that have changed the lives of MANY!

Bonus #3 One year’s worth of at home monthly challenges to keep you focused and moving forward.


You have come this far with us.


Do not look back.


Simply CLICK HERE to request your first FREE session

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