The Journey to “Fit”

Nov 14th, 2014

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The Journey to “Fit”

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On Feb 12, 2012, Shannon Ruane started his journey at Garage Gym. Shannon has made fitness and healthy living a top value for himself and his family and the results have paid dividends.

Recently I reviewed Shannon’s file folder that has every workout he has completed since his assessment on day 1. Written top and center on his folder reads “low back and R hamstring injuries, fractured back as a child, still bothers.”

On his initial questionnaire(almost 3 years ago) he listed his current fitness plan as “maybe once a week weight training”.

His future goals as…

-decrease body fat

-increase strength

-increase overall muscle mass

-correct eating habits

-proper training techniques and improved attitude towards fitness

-Learn what it takes to be not just healthy but get into the best shape of my life

-I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Shannon’s assessment results displayed a major imbalance with his right leg strength, poor overall flexibility, especially in his lower body, near non-existent aerobic capacity and almost zero structured weight training experience other than upper body work at college.

Sample lower body strength demonstrated below….

Split squat 8 rep/leg = 20#/hand @ 168# body weight

 For his aerobic breathing test I wrote….” 5 min airdyne 90-95% effort- Almost passed out 3 min in, had to stop test at 60 cals”

Here is a snap shot of where Shannon is today at a body weight of 172#

shannon after 3

-1 rep max chin up = 117.5#

-Front squat 3 rep max = 225#

-50 chest to bar pull ups for time = 2:31

-1 rep max back squat = 265#

-Airdyne 10 min at 90% effort = 201 cals

rest 5 min

Airdyne 10 min 90-95% effort = 187 cals

-Split squat 8 rep/leg = 52#/hand (he will be retesting this within next 2 weeks, and will be around 70-80#/hand)

Body fat skin caliper test 

          Day 1                                          11/6/2014

Pec                                      10.5                                              5.0

Tricep                                 7.0                                               3.5

Subscap                           11.0                                               8.0

Midaxilla                          8.0                                               4.0

Suprailiac                      16.0                                             6.0

Umbilical                       24.5                                              8.5

Thigh                                 12.0                                              5.5

Calf                                       4.0                                              3.0


Define your top values in life, find purpose and your motivation to live a strong healthy life will follow. Shannon has demonstrated that.

He is a husband, father of 2 children, works a full-time job as a respiratory therapist and trains clients part time at Garage Gym… he is busy to say the least.

There are nights I will look out the back window and see the Garage Gym lights still on….at 9:00 pm…Shannon has not finished his workout yet…..dedication.


What will your success story look like in 2015? 

-Garage Gym


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