“I have lost 58lbs and have gone down 3 pant sizes”

Jul 8th, 2015

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“I have lost 58lbs and have gone down 3 pant sizes”

Kristy’s story is not unusual here at Garage Gym, but that doesn’t make the journey any easier. It is plain old hard work to change long time habits.

BUT with accountability, and a holistic approach to health, encompassing sleep habits, stress, nutrition and exercise, PLUS a community of people going through the same process as you, we make changing your health exciting!

Read on to discover Kristy’s journey, and to discover our special offer to get you started on your own journey.



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“I cannot even begin to say how amazing my Garage Gym experience has been! I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have tried countless diets and gyms and failed for one reason or another.

One year ago I was at my heaviest weight and lacked any energy or motivation.  Since starting at Garage Gym I have lost 58lbs and have gone down 3 pant sizes.  I have exceeded my first 2 goals that I set out to accomplish.

I have also gained strength, confidence and an overall health/well-being that I have never had before.  I have so much more energy and motivation now that I have also found some new hobbies I never really did before such as hiking and kayaking.

I started with private training and then went to semi-private. I was able to gain valuable fundamental knowledge on proper techniques as well as diet/nutrition guidelines.  My trainer is Bob Galinski who is so very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and patient.

Garage Gym is truthfully like no other gym that I have ever belonged to. Everyone (trainers and clients) is so supportive and welcoming.  I never once have felt intimidated or out of place.    I have looked forward to working out each week and truly enjoy the workouts.  I am so thankful to Bob and the Garage Gym “Tribe” for everything!”



The Back to School season is here! Which means so is the time to settle back into a healthy daily routine!

Today’s media makes getting healthy seem so simple. If you want to lose weight, eat less. If you want to run faster, run more. If you want more energy, sleep more. Unfortunately this simplicity is what we are led to believe works… yet most of us don’t follow through. Why?

If you play tennis you most likely have a coach, if you want your teeth cleaned, you go to your dentist, and if you want to invest into the stock market, you generally go to a financial adviser. If we seek help in so many other areas, why do so many people blindly walk into the gym with no idea what to do and no guidance?

The reason Garage Gym is the largest personal training facility in Central NY is because our clients are successful. Period. We do not mess around. We only take on serious clients. Why? Because serious clients make the commitment and therefore see amazing results. Kristy is one of those clients. If you are serious, and committed, we want to hear from you.

Any new client who signs up for a free consultation before Labor Day will receive a special gift upon purchasing any package at Garage Gym.

One year of monthly at-home challenges (a $199 value) when you sign up! 

Disclaimer: We have over 175 clients coming from ALL BACKGROUNDS, with over 80% having ZERO experience working out. Many are non-athletes who are looking to become healthy so they can enjoy what they love doing in life! If you can not do push ups, chin ups, or are afraid  to work out, NO PROBLEM. You will find your home here at Garage Gym like so many others.

All YOU need to do is click that big green button to request your FREE consultation,

and start your story today!


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