Garage Gym September Challenge

Sep 1st, 2015

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Garage Gym September Challenge

To say the August challenge was a success would be an understatement. Congrats to everyone that ventured out into nature’s paradise, and thank you for your pictures and emails.

  • The highest peak climbed award goes to Mitch and Aimee Dryer in Crested Butte CO at a height of 12,162 feet!

crested butte

  • Best effort award goes to 2 people…Sarah Burns who is 6.5 months pregnant walked 3 miles around the New Hartford town park (full effort= full victory) and Pete Lombardi who climbed snowy mountain with his daughter Grace on his back. Amazing job everyone! Onwards….

In case you missed it- August Highlights

Garage Gym September Challenge


no cell phone

The 24 hour Unplugged Challenge:


Clients will go 24 hours eliminating the following….

No email

No cell phone


No social media

No computer

No newspaper

No radio

No movies

No internet


Yes this may be your worst nightmare.

freddy kreguer

In today’s culture we spend hours upon hours on the above activities. Many of us run to these stimulating habits to avoid doing what we know we should be doing (aka taking action towards helping us accomplish our goals) I’m guilty of it as much as everyone else. I know I should be programming workouts or returning emails but I chose to get on FB instead. Or I need to write a column for the local newspaper but before I do I spend time reading the news on the computer. In other words I’m wasting time.


You may be telling yourself but what if I miss an important phone call, or I get a business email that is mandatory, or something horrible happens on the news? I can confidently tell you over the last few months I have gone a good number of hours (not 24 hrs yet) unplugged and when I finally get to my phone and email I am surprised at all the important things I missed. Nothing. And neither will you.


I want you to experience how much free time you have when you remove these activities from your day. Time that can be spent on the following…


-Cooking healthy food

-A date day with your spouse

-Hiking a mountain

-Hike into Camp Santanoni in Newcomb NY

-Hike to Indian head lookout in Keene NY

-Exercise multiple times in a day (if you haven’t experienced this you will be surprised at how great it makes you feel) Sample day: Early AM strength train, pre-lunch 90 min of stretching or yoga class, mid-afternoon massage, evening; cook healthy meal, pre bed have a glass of wine with a dark chocolate bar while hanging with friends. Your body and brain will thank you by giving you the best night’s sleep possible.

-Build a fort- yes this can be done at any age

-Landscaping your yard


-Visit family members

-Go on a road trip (print out map quest directions before you leave)


A few weeks ago Alicia and I had a date day which consisted of the following…

  • Wake up and drive to Utica Bread for breakfast
  • Drive to Snowy Mountain and hike
  • Stop in Lake Pleasant and walk around
  • Drive to Utica for dinner at Tailor and the Cook

This was an amazing day.


In addition to the above activities I want you to carry with you a small notebook and pen. Why? When you release yourself from activities that bog your mind down (the ones above) your subconscious opens up and the world hands your brain new ideas, creativity goes wild, and you may just come up with your next big plan in life…..

– How am I going to make an extra $500/month doing X activity 3 days per week?

– How am I going to create a plan on how to quite my 9-5 job in the next 1-2 years?

– I want to start mentoring 15-18 year olds on how to become successful in life, how will that happen?

– Unsolvable life problems may start to make sense

– You become more social

– A new idea for a painting

– A new business product

– A new blog topic

– A new lesson plan

– A new marketing idea may just pop into your head…

The list goes on and on…..creativity is LIFE (this video is great)

I recommend your entire family participant in the event. It won’t be nearly as rewarding when your spouse is playing candy crush and your kids are texting all night long and you sit down hoping for some quality conversation and all you get is blank stares.

mike scott

Your Score = Post on social media or email one picture that describes how you spent your 24 hours (you can bring a camera but not your phone). Attach a small write up below the picture to describe your UNPLUGGED DAY.

The winner will receive a Garage Gym Tee-shirt for the most creative way they spent their day….get planning!!


“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” Jake Kerouac

Good luck!

Garage Gym HQ



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