12 Tips To Better Health: What I’ve Learned Over the Last 6 Months….

Oct 8th, 2015

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12 Tips To Better Health: What I’ve Learned Over the Last 6 Months….

Hello! I hope this finds everyone feeling strong and healthy! I wanted to share some things I have learned over the last 6 months and some other ramblings… Maybe you will find some of this helpful in your journey to higher levels of health.


1) My top 12 foods/supplements that help me stay healthy on a daily basis:

**I take/eat some of these daily, and spread some throughout the week.


Garlic- anti bacterial and anti-fungal

Probiotic- a healthy gut is a healthy body

Avocado- loaded with nutrients, fiber and healthy fats.

Raw goats milk- great bacteria and goes great with a dark chocolate snack

Powdered Gelatin- supports healthy joints and tissue repair.

Organic Bone broth- tons of minerals in this stuff

Organic Blueberries- tastes like candy, high in antioxidants and low GI index.

Magnesium oronate- highly absorbable, helps activate para-sympathetic nervous system and tells my body to relax after a hard training session.

Merivia SR- High Potency Turmeric- strongest anti-inflammatory on the market

Coconut charcoal- for when I choose to eat out or foods of low quality, this helps draw out toxins within the gut.

Lemon and sea salt- starts the day off with proper electrolyte balance which fuels proper energy.

Cayenne pepper- great anti inflammatory


2) For aches and pains in muscles and joints- Wintergreen Oil and Traumeel cream. Works amazing.

3) Sleep is key to basically doing anything in life at a high level. One thing I have been working on is trying to keep my tongue off the roof of my mouth while falling asleep. If you notice our tongues are pressed up against the top of our mouths all the time….why? Stress. I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of sleep and the amount of time it takes to fall asleep when applying this method.


4) Values values values. Everything comes down to recognizing and being aware of what is truly important to you. What you spend the most time, money, energy and thoughts on DIRECTLY displays what is important to you in life. There is NO hiding it. If you want to eat healthier but rarely do, and instead spend all your time working, going out, and on household chores then eating healthy is NOT important to you. If you feel it is, you are only tricking yourself. The great thing is values can change. Mine do all the time. You have to be honest with yourself on where you WANT TO spend time and energy, and solely focus on that. Currently my top 4 values where I spend 95% of my time and energy is on Family, Business, Movement, and Hunting. This requires me to say no to a lot of things, make sacrifices and not try to be everywhere all the time making everyone happy. I am 100% ok with this as it’s needed to make progress in certain areas.


5) Mobility is king. You sweat hard, lift heavy weights and train your ass off, but if your mobility sucks, it will ALL catch up to you. I had to swallow my ego 1.5 years ago and realize I was a horrible mover and my body was about as mobile as someone with rigor mortis. Mobility will save your body LONG TERM (which is why we are all training in the first place right?)


6) Stand for something in life. This world needs MORE mission driven people. It’s calling for your help. Have you ever met someone who radiates energy and is so enthusiastic about life that it’s contagious? You should strive for that. If you are not inspired by your daily work you are simply wasting time and not contributing to society at your highest potential. Be honest with yourself, formulate a game plan and move forward. Full effort is full victory, live life with no regrets and stop playing by the rules.


7) The term obesity has been used SO MUCH over the last 10 years that we have become numb to it. Same goes with being told we all need to exercise more, it’s almost nauseating to hear that. We need to stop over-complicating these two topics. Stop analyzing different diets, stop reading on healthy eating and not taking action, stop reading about the latest exercise equipment fads. Break it down to simple methods. Eat whole foods ONLY, in moderate proportions such as the method taught by Weston A. Price, this is super easy and 100% common sense approach to eating. An old mentor of mine was quoted saying “eat like you give a shit.” In other words, you already understand what crap food is versus good food, but you have to take action on it and have pride in what you put in your body. Same goes for exercise… why are we running on treadmills 5x/wk for 60 minutes when we can’t even touch our toes, and never seem to lose weight?  Why are we using fancy machines promised to fix our movement problems when we can’t squat to a full depth pain free with no restrictions? Take a step back and re-work how you view these topics.


8) Find a deep purpose, something you are excited to roll out of bed in the morning and tackle and you will find yourself moving more voluntarily, sleeping like a rock and laughing daily.  If you are NOT inspired in your day to day activities then eating healthy, going to bed on time and moving more will continue be put on the back-burner for you.

9) How do I know if I’m inspired by my day to day activities? Ask yourself if you had 1 year to live would you continue doing what you do on a daily basis or would you say F*ck it…I want to do THIS. There’s your answer.


10) Scapular (shoulder blades) mobility and strength is king for upper body movement patterns. Mine was nonexistent prior to training under Ido Portal. 90% of my clients had severe limited dysfunction in their scaps. This muscle is responsible for pulling the shoulder blades back and down, giving us the ability to have proper shoulder health, stability in pushing movement and strength in pulling movements. There is no other structure as important as scapular health in the upper body.


11) Hanging, and body weight squatting should be a part of EVERYONE’S daily movement practice. If you are avoiding these two movements you are missing on critical, FREE advice that can add years to your physical longevity.


12) Our viewpoint on “exercise” needs to be shifted to MOVING MORE. Not spending more time in the gym. I would rather see a client workout 1x/week in the gym but spending their other time rock climbing, hiking, biking, and taking yoga than I would seeing a client spending 3x/wk 45 min sessions in a gym working fixed generic movements only, such as barbell or dumbbell work, and do NOTHING else physical all week but sit and walk around the house/workplace. This DOES NOT WORK. We need to move more.

If you would like more help along your journey to improving your health, it’s simple… ask for a free consult, and we will take it from there.


Get moving,


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