5 Reasons You Lose the Battle Every Holiday Season

Dec 11th, 2015

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5 Reasons You Lose the Battle Every Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches many people tend to veer off course with their nutrition and lifestyle habits. I am writing this to provide some indirect motivation to those that want to be successful over the holidays. 
Why do people fail during the holidays?
#1  Social pressure from family and friends- the inability to say no due to thinking you will hurt their feelings, or embarrass yourself. (when in reality, no one really cares other than you and your ego)
Throughout the last 8 years, I have dealt with numerous holiday dinners, parties, get- together’s, etc, where there is always that family member or friend who likes to get those digs in….”here! pass Josh the cake..ohh wait! he doesn’t eat cake, haha”, or this one… “come on Josh, just one serving won’t kill you.”
The list goes on and on, and I’m sure it does for many of you reading this…
I have ALWAYS asked myself this one question and you can do the same….the person that is asking me to eat this “poor choice” or making the comment, are they what I want to be like physically? Do they have the abilities and aesthetics I am aiming for? I am willing to wager 100% of the time NO! Remember, you are the average of the top 5 people you spend time with and take advice from. Find those with similar goals, those you look up to, and ride with them to new levels of success…..
#2 Stress, which creates blood sugar fluctuations, which creates cravings
I could write a book on stress. Look, everyone is stressed, there is no avoiding it. Actually, trying to AVOID stress becomes stressful. How you handle and manage stress is the better topic here.
I keep a daily brain dump of all my thoughts, concerns, etc and I write these down either in my date book or on a sheet of paper. (I have folders full) This allows me to remove the thought from my head.
From there, I determine if its in my immediate control or not.
If it is then I formulate 3 steps to solving the problem (AND ACT ON THEM), if its not I forget about it. A great book that helped me with this is: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.
If you are turning to food for a quick pleasure or convenience, the problem lies NOT in your choice to eat the food, but in the cause of the stress or situation you are in.
#3  Lack of preparation.  This one really goes for all year, but tends to be a little worse when our schedules get crazier around the holidays.
Examples: We weren’t home for dinner, the game went late and we didn’t have food in the house so we went out for pizza, OR the meeting went late, I was starving and went to the vending machine before driving home. ALL of these situations are predictable.
The inability to plan for this is unawareness, and on top of it the inability to make the correct decision when faced with this is simply weakness. Why not go to dinner at a local diner, ask for a cheeseburger, no bun and a side of cottage cheese and applesauce. And for situation 2, why not stop at Stewart’s and buy a KIND bar and some beef jerky. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME and so do the people I spend my time with.
#4  You feel you deserve it. You’ve worked hard, and correlate that to deserving a “treat” or numerous treats.
NEWSFLASH: We all work hard, everyday. You are not alone in this category. The difference is you do not see everyone “feeling” as though they deserve it. “It” being defined as desserts, or poor food choices. Working hard, whether in the gym or at work itself only correlates to poor food choices IF YOU SEE IT THAT WAY.
I know many people who ratchet up their training and tighten down their nutrition during the holidays because the gym is quieter, and they are already working towards the new years goals. The illusion that EVERYONE is “doing it” is only with the individuals who you surround yourself with. Others are quietly pulling away, working harder than you each day, and hitting their goals.
#5  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. cat funny eating
This is probably the best answer, the answer I have the highest respect for. If you don’t give a damn, admit it and OWN the consequences. More power to you.
The problem here lies in the individuals WHO SAY THEY HAVE A GOAL OF LOSING WEIGHT OR GETTING STRONGER, but then break under pressure and start hammering the lasagna and cookies the first chance they get, AND STILL wonder why they are not losing weight.
As a tribe we all have the power to accomplish our goals, surround ourselves with like minded individuals (there are 150+ at GG you can hang out with) and become successful in our own right.  The other day I was speaking with a client and told them that NO ONE sees the 60 ish days of training in between you tube videos that I post, (or the months prior to Bob’s bodybuilding shows), the numerous days I want to quit, the training days I want to skip, the days I’m sore, the days I’m injured, the days I don’t sleep well, the days my schedule is so full I don’t want to get out of bed.
Its never easy, FOR ANYONE. NO ONE enjoys every day, no journey towards accomplishing your goals is a free ride, quite honestly, its VERY hard, which is why 95% of people never progress, and many regress year after year.
At Garage Gym we are proud to walk with you side by side and cross the finish line together.
Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.
Enjoy the journey,

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