2015 Reflection and Mega Special for New Clients

Jan 1st, 2016

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2015 Reflection and Mega Special for New Clients

2015 has been a roller coaster of a ride, filled with learning opportunities, success, and struggle. To paint the perfect picture would be a fantasy and a disservice to everyone reading this. Yes we had a banner year in terms of new clients, success stories etc but to say that does not come without struggle would be a lie. The biggest learning piece I took away from 2015 is learning the difference between ego and authenticity. Its easy to act like you know everything, act like you have a perfect life, a perfect career, a perfect relationship, a perfect body, you are the perfect businessman and with today’s social media its even easier to share and project that on your clients and audience. What I can say is as the Owner and Founder of Garage Gym HQ 2015 was far from a perfect year and its liberating to say that to everyone reading this. Society projects that perfection is obtainable, when in reality accepting imperfection is the definition of perfection. Its easy to think that just another 10# on your dead lift, more $ in the bank, bigger arms, a better job, more clients etc will make your life perfect but in reality that is a tunnel that leads to no where unless you are content with where you are RIGHT NOW in this current place and time.

Make 2016 the year of accepting imperfection and enjoying the journey versus the arrival. Accept your body the way that it is, accept your eating habits, accept your strength levels, accept your job, and stop focusing on arriving at the perfect version of you. I feel that through this acceptance comes evolution and evolution leads to transcending to higher levels, NOT CLOSER TO perfection but higher levels of mastery in LIFE. Its easy to think of yourself as king shit walking around in 6th grade, the biggest baddest in the elementary school but when you move up to 7th grade to high school you are now a no-body and a pee on. Yes that hurts but YOU GREW and growth is the key to continued life. With this acceptance comes the opportunity and excitement for the design around future plans to EVOLVE, a clean slate of sorts, whether with eating better, chasing a job promotion, or whatever goal you may have. 


Accept you for YOU, be authentic and evolve. 


From everyone at Garage Gym we want to introduce our 2016 Mega Special and start 2016 off with a bang….ENJOY….


January 1st 2011 Garage Gym opened its doors to the public. Quite honestly I have no idea why people paid to come to our facility. We had no insulation in the walls, no heater, no bathroom, a cement floor, no bathroom and no website. But yet people still showed up in the middle of winter to work out together in my back yard on the outskirts of Oriskany Falls NY.


new gym

When we opened up in January I was still working full time at a local school as a physical education assistant and coached at Hamilton College in the evenings. But I wanted to test the entrepreneurial waters so I gave myself until August to decide if being a full time business owner and trainer was going to fly. If not, no biggie, I had a nice job and was comfortable.


By June of that year the gym started to look like this…

community 2


By August I found myself coaching 35 sessions a week with a 6 month waiting list to get in. I had a problem on my hands. Needless to say we started training highly qualified coaches to start coaching at Garage gym and teaching its unique philosophy. Over the next 2 years our facility grew to two locations and started to look like this….




An interesting statistic says 80% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. And trust me we had plenty of people say we would. Your location is too remote, no one will pay for private coaching, you need more equipment, you need a sign out front etc….  Well we made it over that hump! I have to admit, I do not feel our facility or reputation would be where it is today if our staff did not love what they do and attract clients who have a true passion for chasing higher levels of health.

Clients like this…

kristy b&a wide

katie h5


Ryan Lyke

Bridget before and after

dan w before edit dan w 1


Moving onwards our goal is to spread the Garage Gym message to as many people as humanly possible in the Central NY area which is why we are going to do something we have never done before.


Garage Gym is going to offer a 5 year Anniversary Special to select individuals.


By now we know that people fear walking into the gym. They fear they will be embarrassed, fail in front of others and not have the ability to keep up. They also have concerns on if their trainer is going to meet their demanding needs. How do we know that? We ask them, simple.


Here’s the deal. To fulfill those objections we are going to give away…..

2 FREE personal training sessions to the first 10 people (new clients only) who inquire on this blog post. No obligation, no commitment, nothing, just show up, receive free training and if you feel we are a great match then you are welcome to commit to whatever level you feel comfortable with, if you want to move on then go right ahead.


In the first few years of business I would have been much too nervous to offer something as crazy as this but 5 years later, we have the confidence knowing you will love your experience but if not, no hard feelings, take whatever you learned and move on.


So whats the next step? Fill out this form  and you will be contacted to schedule your first session shortly. This is a first come first serve and all applicants will be called in the order their consult form is received. Garage Gym HQ has very limited availability. Garage Gym Oneida due to its space and location has great availability and is ready and waiting for you.



If you do not feel you are ready to make a huge improvement on your overall health and commit the time to doing so, please do not take up a space that can be filled with someone who is 100% ready , committed and is excited to be on their way to feeling amazing. Whether you are looking for more energy to play with your kids, avoid slipping and falling in the winter, compete in collegiate sports, look better naked, or want to achieve your first chin up, I can confidently tell you in the end we are all on the same journey.

The Garage Gym Journey.


We look forward to meeting some new faces shortly.



Garage Gym


  1. Jill LeWorthy January 7, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Interested in Anniversary promo. Broke my leg last year. Feeling intimidated to get back to the gym, but desperately need to get back to developing good habits and getting healthy.

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