The Future of Happiness Interview #1

Jan 22nd, 2016

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The Future of Happiness Interview #1

Over the last year I have been truly inspired by a project I created called The Future Of Happiness.

An estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

Only 13% of people enjoy their daily jobs

And the divorce rate is over 50%.

Why is this?

Well I dont have the answer and that is what has led me on this journey to hear from real people with real insights on what they feel creates happiness, what makes for a better world and any advice they have on living an inspired life.

There are 5 questions asked during the interview:

#1 As a society what areas do you feel we need to spend more time and energy on?

#2 What is the secret to living a life full of health and longevity?

#3 If you had to give advice to a young person today what would it be?

#4 If you could do this whole thing over again,”life”, what would you do different , if anything…?

#5 How would you define happiness?

Over the last year I have spoke with numerous individuals that participated in surveys, one on one candid conversations, random conversations at the grocery store, personal life experiences and recorded audio interviews.

My goal is to provide insights and unique perspectives that surround the topic happiness. I have no end goal in mind, other than see where this journey takes me.

Below is a very rough draft of whats to come. The full website will soon be live at with audio interviews, blog posts and a community that enjoys collaborating on their unique journey to happiness.



Interview #1

Name: Sue S.

Date: 1/11/16

Age 61

1) As a society what areas do you feel we need to spend more time and focus on?

– Finding inner peace- I feel this is found through helping other people. If you are not helping other people then what are you spending your time on? Most humans are continually trying to be perfect, and whatever our image of perfect is but what we should be spending our time on is helping other people, because there are so many people that need help. I find my inner piece providing assistance and value to those around me.

– Health- Our world is sick right now. I feel that depression, and numerous cognitive issues is due to the chemicals in our food. If you have poor health, ADHD, are obese, mental health issues, diabetic or lack self esteem…. you can not be truly happy. Health comes from eating real clean food. Sick parents produce sick and unhealthy children, this needs to stop. It’s a vicious cycle that is only getting worse.

– Faith- Whether you believe in god or a higher power you need to believe in something other than yourself. Too many people today are walking around focused only on themselves. Look at facebook, selfies and the lack of community. I feel that the farther you are from “god” or your spiritual beliefs, the more you are self centered and lack humility. Humility is the most powerful trait a human can possess but instead most people lack it. We are trying to be someone we are not, to prove to people we are a better version than who we really are. This is living a false life. Having faith keeps us in check with who we truly are.

2) What is the secret to living a life full of health and longevity?
First and foremost I believe that god has the final word here. But of course our daily decisions play a major role also. If I have to list another answer it would be stewardship. I feel the higher power wants you to take care of yourself and if you are not then you are doing yourself and everyone around you a disservice. The day you were born you were given a healthy body and its our job to maintain that. More people should live thinking this.

3) If you had to give advice to a young person today what would it be?
Do not look for “answers” but instead look for a mentor. As kids we are used to being told WHAT to do versus watching good examples. Kids need to see more people walking the walk such as their parents and teachers. This is the best way to learn and to become YOU in life. Stop looking for right and wrong and instead observe, follow and watch those you look up to and inspire.

4) If you could do this whole thing over again,”life”, what would you do different , if anything…?
Honestly nothing. I have made a lot of mistakes in life but mistakes are their for a reason, to grow and evolve. Haha I would be scared to go back and try it again because I do not know what “new” mistakes I would make and that is scary to me. I also do not feel people should walk through life on their own. They need support in their life. I know for all my mistakes I have had help and support to lean on.

5) How would you define happiness?

If you are looking to stop smoking  you have to spend time with a community that doesn’t smoke. You have to be around people whom you want to aspire to be like and/or respect. Too many people are living fake lives surrounded by fake people and never find their true self. Perfection is not the answer, nobody is perfect, but who you spend time with is a huge key to your happiness.

I look forward to sharing newly recorded audio interviews with our community coming soon.

If you are interested in being interviewed  and sharing your story, email me at my personal email address



“Happiness can not be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. – Denis Waitley



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