Garage Gym Trainers Training Program- Select Spots Open

Mar 23rd, 2016

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Garage Gym Trainers Training Program- Select Spots Open

Well for those of us who dislike winter, this has been an amazing season…lets bring on spring!
Back in 2012 Garage Gym designed a Trainers Training Program ( GG-TTP) so we could have a staff training program that ensured our staff had a large knowledge base and skills that differentiated us from others within the same market. It was closed exclusively to new hires at Garage Gym, no one outside our inner circle could take this class.
Over the last 4 years we have run 6 seminars with phenomenal success and over those years I have received numerous emails from individuals not employed by Garage Gym wanting to take the class to increase their personal knowledge around health and fitness and learn….
– to program workouts for themselves
– proper exercise progressions- such as… how do I achieve my first chin-up but can barely hang from the bar?
– nutritional prescriptions that build muscle and burn fat
– implement a life coaching strategy that leads to motivation… everyday!
– to program aerobic workouts such as prepping for the boilermaker and local road races
– mobility movements that transform tight bodies into supple movers
and numerous other topics….
But they always received an email that said “sorry, this class is closed for GG trainers only”.
My mission since I opened GG was to pull as many people over the finish line as possible.
With that said we are offering our next GG-TTP starting April 1st and are accepting select individuals outside of the GG training staff to take part in this seminar.
This class is 10 weeks long, 2 hours per week (Fridays at 9:15 AM) and has weekly homework that takes anywhere from 1-3 hours per week to complete. There is also observation hours that are required. As you can see this is not a weekend seminar. We believe the journey to become a great coach takes time, a long time and dedication both from a personal perspective but also an educational perspective.
If you are interested in joining us email and we will send you the course information.
Onwards and upwards,

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