T-minus 48 hours till jump time…

Apr 14th, 2016

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T-minus 48 hours till jump time…

Good evening!

It appears we are going to have an awesome turnout Saturday @ 5:00 pm for our jump into Dan and Melissa Williams pond! (located in Deansboro @ Sunnybrook Farms) .
As a bonus its going to be almost 70 degrees, YOU ARE SO LUCKY!
I can feel how excited all of you are!
With that said we need to have an idea of how many people are showing up and/or going out with us after to Hamilton. I’m sure the last thing Number Ten Tavern wants at 7:00 is for 80 people to show up. Based on the response we will decide the final  “after jump” plans.
Worst case scenario and you wimp out, you can always join us and cheer on your fellow jumper. The environment might just persuade you to let your hair down.

RSVP to GarageGymLLC@gmail.com



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