Would Your Childhood Self Be Proud Of You?

Apr 28th, 2016

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Would Your Childhood Self Be Proud Of You?

I remember growing up in the rural setting of Deansboro NY like it was yesterday. If I wasn’t at a practice I spent my days in the woods, building forts, dirt bike trails, bike jumps, hunting, fighting with friends, making dams and so on. Our imaginations were endless and our fears nonexistent. I remember pulling my best friend Will Cotter on skis behind my snowmobile, only to veer off quickly before the jump he launched off of at 30MPH often times having spectacular wipe outs.  I remember vividly my mom driving me to Will’s house to go sledding one afternoon and a thin sheet of rain just fell creating a layer of ice on the snow. She reminded me not to get hurt and maybe we should not go sledding today but play inside. Like most boys in their young teens that only brought on the need to want to sled more. A few hours later I found myself face down in the snow after face planting off a jump, bloodied and scarred from the ice hitting my face.  Again no fear. We survived and loved every second of it. As kids we are free, healthy and un-restricted to the infinite possibilities of life.

Imagine if adults operated with this mindset. What would be the result?

This quote by Sam Mcnerny from Bigthink.com sums it up nicely.

“In many ways, children flourish where adults fail. Children are more creative and are natural inventors. Their worldview is incomplete and demands discovery. They prosper because they embrace their ignorance instead of ignoring it. And they are willing to explore, investigate and put their ideas to the test because they are willing to fail. Unlike adults, they don’t care how other people perceive or evaluate their ideas, and they’re unconcerned with the impossible or what doesn’t work.”

According to a study of terminally ill patients by an Austrailian Nurse Bronnie Ware the # 1 regret in life was….

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

You see…. we are born with a clean slate, and rarely flinch at the idea of failure and judgment of others but overtime we become conditioned to live a life inside a small bubble of comfort and often times look back and realize we never really lived.

Learn to overcome what makes you flinch, stand for something powerful and leave your mark on this earth.

Find your childhood self because its screaming to be unleashed.


*This article was first published in the Waterville Times*

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