Garage Gym Trainers Training Civilian Course: Enrollment now open!

May 24th, 2016

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Garage Gym Trainers Training Civilian Course: Enrollment now open!

Just 8 short weeks ago we immersed another group of students looking to upgrade their personal and professional knowledge within the health and movement field into our GG-TTP 101 course. This class sold out in 3 days.


Testimonials like this are already coming in….


“I’m finally about to start doing what I love.”


“This class has been very informative and keeps me wanting to learn more”


“I’ve taken many classes in the past but this is the first class that I can actually apply to the real world”



We have received numerous emails regarding our next trainers class so here’s the deal…..


If you are looking to….


– Start your journey to becoming a fitness coach

– Understand the owners manual to your own body

– Want to learn how to write your own fitness programming

– Want to transcend from a professional globo gym exerciser to a professional coach

– Understand how to manipulate body weight and body fat levels

– Finally get rid of your nagging aches and pains

– Want to hold yourself accountable and become an ass kicker

– Look great naked

– Have some cool shit to talk about at your next social function


Then this class may be for you.


This class may NOT be for you if you want….


– A quick fix

– Magic fairy dust to make you fitter

– Do not believe that becoming a great coach and/or a healthy human being takes work

– Have a list of excuses as to why you are unable to live a healthy lifestyle

– You are not willing to leave your ego at the door

– Have no interest in becoming a better human being.


Here is our class intro: 


Josh Lewis owner and founder of Garage Gym and Co-Founder of Fit Kids Fit

Future has worked with hundreds of clients throughout the United States, and

has built Garage Gym into 2 locations, and 6 trainers. Josh is a former student

under James “OPT” Fitzgerald in Scottsdale AZ, Mike Fitzgerald owner of

Optimum Performance Training in Calgary and is now personally coached by Ido

Portal over the last 16 months. Josh created a program designed for coaches

who are looking to enter the health and fitness field as a new coach or someone

looking to increase their current knowledge base. The motivation to create this

program came from working with numerous clients, observing and discussing

with trainers around what works and what does not, along with having a keen eye

for finding critical gaps with current certification programs. GG-TTP is a unique

hands on and theory based program that centers its focus on clients success for

the long term through nutrition, movement, lifestyle, assessment, individual

program design and communication.



Our belief at Garage Gym is all fitness coaches must be able to demonstrate

proficient physical ability in order to effectively coach clients. You must walk the

walk to talk the talk. Our hands on approach allows clients to experience for

themselves the assessment movements, exercise progressions, write numerous

program designs for a variety of situations, and complete weekly homework

assignments that are both theory based and hands on.




Course Description:

-Students participate in 8 in-person sessions each 120+ min in length, one class

per week.

-Students attend 3 mentor sessions where you observe GG trainers work with

clients and compare your new knowledge with observation.

-Weekly detailed homework assignments are completed each estimated to be

60-120 min in length.

-Final exam (this is not Pass or Fail, it is used to determine where you need to

spend more time learning)




Course Curriculum:


Class 1:  Value Systems

Purpose, values, universal balance, GG 4 phase model, hidden genius


Class 2: Lifestyle/Nutrition

Cortisol, sleep, stress, gluten, insulin, estrogen imbalances and causes, nutrition

prescriptions, secrets behind body-fat storage, improvement timeline, the quitting

cycle, the 2 choice model, recommended readings.


Class 3: Assessment

Why assess?, common movement dysfunctions, in-depth functional, physical and

work capacity assessment design, hands on demonstrations


Class 4: Exercise progressions

Exercise progressions, common faults and clinical pearls, organized chart

making exercise selection easy when programming.


Class 5: Program design

Students learn tempo, reps, sets, rest, and goal setting in relation to workout

programming for their clients. How to build templates making programming week

to week easy for private, group sessions or your own individuals sessions.


Class 6: Program Design Homework Review

We spend 2 hours reviewing student’s program design homework,

recommending better options and ensure students have a solid understanding of

programming based on client’s goals, starting points and priorities based on

assessment results.


Class 7: Communication

Key communication skills and professional habits are discussed promoting

trainer success not only in a training facility but also in life.


Class 8: Final Exam

Students take a lengthy short answer and essay based exam demonstrating

areas they excel in and areas they need to improve upon.



Its not unlikely for class to go longer than anticipated, as the quality and understanding is the utmost important goal for us.





$750 paid in 3 equal installments of $250 (1st class, 4th class, 8th class)


This course is the beginning of a journey to becoming an excellent coach and/or


achieve high levels of health.


It takes years upon years to become great.


We have 6 spots available and this is first come first serve.


To reserve your spot email







Movement is freedom,


Garage Gym HQ

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