Garage Gym Trainers Training Civilian Course

May 31st, 2016

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Garage Gym Trainers Training Civilian Course

Good afternoon! I hope this email finds each and everyone of you enjoying the sun and moving your bodies as much as possible!

Last week I wrote the blog post below….
This class has 2 slots left! If you are thinking of becoming a trainer either at a facility or on your own, OR just want to upgrade your personal knowledge to another level (or as we like to say, understand the owners manual of your body), then this class will blow your socks off.
The health and fitness industry is predicted to grow 40% over the next 5 years, so YES that means lots and lots of opportunities to help others live a healthy life. BUT first you must invest into yourself, walk the walk and then start spreading your story and knowledge.
To reserve one of the two spots remaining please email with your availability (as this course does not have a set time yet) and the reason you want to take the course.
I am looking forward to meeting those of you that decide to take that leap and see us on the “other side”.
Keep moving,

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