What does PLAY mean to you?

Jun 11th, 2016

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What does PLAY mean to you?

At Garage Gym you hear us always talking about “movement is freedom“. We feel that when the body develops new movement patterns and capabilities it enhances the¬†quality of life BEYOND just the gym and aesthetics.


Garage Gym Trainer Jess Lewis 40 foot up in Little Falls


Your sense of belonging improves, depression decreases, relationships improve, confidence goes up, sleep improves, appetite regulates, hormones balance out, along with many others positive characteristics but the one I want to discuss briefly is the ability to PLAY. Children play effortlessly. They crawl, jump, run, fall, and climb. When was the last time you crawled on the floor or climbed a tree? Most likely you haven’t since elementary school. This is a lost art. How would you define your weekly “play” regiment? If this isn’t defined in your life then you are not maximizing your true movement capabilities.


Climb a tree, wrestle with your kids, hike, rock climb, build a fort (yes with a hammer, nails and branches from the woods, I was building homemade tree stands until age 26), cliff jump into water, walk through the woods with bare feet (you will be shocked how this will turn into a game real quick). jump on a trampoline (can you flip?), lawn twister (got mobility issues? this will expose them), rope swing into water, and paintball.

The below video is of Garage Gym Trainer Andy Cieply. Simply put, Andy lives and trains so he is able to rock climb. Rock climbing is continually a new environment, routes, movement patterns, its an amazing practice that almost anyone can start immediately (especially on an indoor wall).

FYI- this climb took Andy 6 years to complete.

What does your weekly PLAY routine look like?

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