Garage Gym Opens 3rd Location- Partners with Paragon Athletic Club

Sep 16th, 2016

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Garage Gym Opens 3rd Location- Partners with Paragon Athletic Club

What started off almost 6 years ago in a backyard of Oriskany Falls, NY has now evolved into three locations and has grown a community of individuals who embrace movement and love the pursuit of higher levels of health and purpose in their life.

We are proud to announce Garage Gym has officially partnered with Paragon Athletic Club and will be operating out of the New Hartford location on Seneca Turnpike starting October 1st. Paragon is a full service fitness facility dedicated to providing superior service to all members assisting them in maintaining and enhancing physical performance, a healthy lifestyle and improving their quality of life. What started as small talks in May between Garage Gym and Paragon has become one mission and vision between the two companies, and we are honored to be a part of this journey.

Awhile back, Garage Gym shifted away from conventional “fitness training” and has focused on improving movement patterns through variations of play, hand balancing, mobility, jumping and strength training.

Remember what it was like to play as a 3-year-old? Fearless, healthy, mobile and happy. Or the strength and capacity you had when you were 18? That is what we strive for at Garage Gym using a systematic approach geared for any ability.

Ido Portal’s work and method is the catalyst for our facility. Josh Lewis has spent almost two years being coached one on one through online programming with Ido and his team and has attended the Movement X and Corset Seminars.

Ido Portal Interview

Garage Gym Intro Vid

We welcome any and all individuals who are looking for….

-A community of like-minded individuals who ‘get it’

-Something different from the same old conventional “fitness training”

-Want to regain and/or improve their child-like movement patterns and full body health

-An experience that leaves them smiling and looking forward to their next training session.

Inquire HERE to learn more about getting involved in our community at Paragon Athletic Club.  


Movement is Freedom,

Garage Gym

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