Garage Gym Trainer Tammy Alcott: Client Testimonial

Dec 5th, 2016

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Garage Gym Trainer Tammy Alcott: Client Testimonial


Years ago Garage Gym had the reputation for being a training facility that only “fit” people worked out at. Today that is no longer the case. We are attracting large numbers of “beginners” who simply want to feel better, move better and be comfortable when training. Goals such as : Better balance, improved posture, develop a spiritual practice, become more mobile, develop the confidence of an “I Can Do” mindset, and many others. Below we highlight yet another recent testimonial from trainer Tammy Alcott’s Remote Programming Plus Client Patty.

Remote Programming Plus is a service that provides the following:

– 1-2 60 minute one on one sessions with your personal coach per month

– An email program that includes your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle advice that is wrote on a monthly basis and updated every 4 weeks. Workouts can be completed at Paragon Athletic Club, at home or at a facility of your choice.

– Email contact with your coach

– A full detailed physical and nutritional assessment


Name: Patty L.

Age: 54

Length of time with GG remote plus training and date when you started: Entering my third month, began Sept. 1. 2016

Goals when you started: I wanted to find ways to get stronger and faster at biking and make any necessary changes in my food/liquid intake to do that.

Goals today: Honestly, the cycling has become almost out of the picture. I am better at it but the focus has shifted to how capable I am off the bike as well. For example, I can walk farther and stronger, I move better overall and my workouts and diet changes have given me more energy and excitement to get through the day and feel pretty good still at the end of it.

Biggest area of improvement: Physically, the exercise I am better at is getting up and down from the floor. Diet-wise, I’ve become quite the water drinker and have completely gone off Arnold Palmers, which were a 2-3 times a day habit for me.

Favorite thing about GG Remote Plus Training: I like to do my workout in the morning. Now I can do it at home without having to get ready to meet people or be social; it’s all me and if I want to wear an old t-shirt, not a problem. I listen to podcasts and can make my breakfast to eat right after and my lunch to take to work all before heading out the door and dealing with people.

Proudest achievement or biggest accomplishment since you began working with GG Remote plus Training: Proudest is that I’ve done it. Even with no one around to count how many squats I do or if I row the amount the WOD says, I do it. My favorite part which makes me proud is getting a new set of workouts from Tammy and having them be really hard the first couple of times through, then after the third and fourth think, huh, these seem easy.

How did you hear about GG? Through the Fit Kids Fit Future program

What do you listen to when you are working out? Geeky stuff. Car Talk, Wait, Wait, Ask me Another, Star Talk, Freakanomics, This American Life. Sometimes when rowing music on my ipod.

Name one meal or snack that you enjoy the most: Hummus and carrot chips. Snacks, hands down Larabars coconut cream pie.

What would you tell someone looking to do Remote Plus programming with Tammy Alcott at GG? I set up a spot in my house that is used just for my workouts. It helps that when I walk into that room that is the only reason I am there. You don’t have to worry about seeing someone at the gym doing something you can’t do yet, but on the other hand you have to be comfortable with no one there pushing you. It really strips down why you are doing this, which is for me. If I don’t do the program, skip a day or shorten a workout, I am the person who would be most disappointed. When I do it right, I am the person who is most proud. It’s the only time I use to listen to my favorite podcasts. I end every workout with the farmers carry through my backyard. It’s morning, grass is wet, pretty quiet except for the birds and it’s a peaceful way to end my workout and get ready for the day. Maybe that’s not everyone’s rituals but finding one or two that work make you stick to it.

Garage Gym is now operating out of 3 locations, Paragon Athletic Club in New Hartford, Oriskany Falls and Oneida.

** Reminder: All new Paragon Athletic Club membership clients receive a $160 discount on the annual membership**

If you are ready to move better, feel better and want to beat the “New Years” crowd and secure a training spot click here.

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