Garage Gym New Years Special For New Members @ Paragon Athletic Club

Jan 13th, 2017

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Garage Gym New Years Special For New Members @ Paragon Athletic Club

As you may have heard Garage Gym is now partnered with Paragon Athletic Club and with that comes a brand new opportunity to jump on board with us! (and an amazing free training package for all new sign-ups along with a $160 dollar annual membership discount!)

Garage Gym is going into its 7th year of business operating out of 3 locations. What started as a small backyard gym has now turned into a home for 100’s of clients across Central NY. We are working with numerous one on one and programming clients who have specific goals such as…

– Decreased pain (low back and shoulders primarily)
– Improving body composition (building muscle and/or burning unwanted body fat)
– Want to increase mobility with basics such as having the ability to squat and touch their toes
– Looking to improve upon their tennis game or specific sport
– Get their children involved to avoid injury and improve upon their favorite sport.

The interesting thing is 80% of our clients are NEW to exercising or jump on board with us because they are nervous about walking into the gym and having no idea what to do. At Garage Gym we understand that feeling.

Patty’s testimonial explains it better than we do. Read it HERE.

As the New Year approaches our goal was to put together a New Member Package that is impossible to say no to, so here it is…..

The first 15 people who purchase a Paragon Athletic Club Annual Membership receive the following:

1) A $160 dollar discount off the normal membership price
(New monthly price 34.83/month)

2) Receive Garage Gym’s popular Grocery List and Lifestyle checklist making shopping easy and enjoyable.

3) Access to upcoming Garage Gym seminars such as…
-Posture Improvement
-Core Training for Beginners
-Balance Hacks to avoid falling
-Tennis Physical Improvement Plan
-Mobility Training made fun for those that dislike stretching.

4) Garage Gym Must Read Books and Recipe Websites that clients have loved for years that increase your chances of accomplishing your goals.

5) 24 workouts that were hand written over 3 years ago that have stood the test of time and are so popular that people ask for copies to share with friends and family.

6) A free Saturday Seminar to review the exercises and receive hands-on training providing clarity and confidence with the 24 workouts.

7) Free access to all of Paragon’s classes such as Yoga, Pilates, STRONG and many more!

Click here to join us in 2017 for an amazing journey that will leave you inspired and smiling :):)

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