About Garage Gym

Our History

In November of 2010 a mission was launched. Garage Gyms headquarters was built just 30 feet behind our home. For years we had a dream of working with clients who were looking to improve upon their health and fitness levels while chasing a greater life for themselves. While our facility was being built, my wife and I continued to work 2 jobs each, living in between houses in a 400 square foot apartment with a crazy dog and cat. You can just imagine how well that worked. I was completing my workouts in a 10×10 storage unit on College Hill Road in Clinton NY as I did not have any other place to store my equipment at the time. We spent numerous evenings with our family hanging insulation, heaters, wallboard and such. Our first clients started as friends and family who worked out in our half finished building in the freezing cold on bare cement with 1986 concept 2 rower and a few dumbbells. November 29th 2010 I remember moving a piece of equipment into the gym and I looked out into the driveway and everything was covered with a tint of orange. I walked outside and looked up and there was a sliver of clouds covering the bright sun that was creating this orange tint. I remember thinking to myself that this is a sign, that the sliver of clouds represents an opening to an opportunity leading to something great. We officially opened our doors June 2011 and have watched our client base grow weekly throughout the last 4 years. We are now operating out of 2 facilities with 7 highly qualified team members working with numerous clients that all share the same common goal, to chase greatness through a healthy, strong, balanced mind and body. Garage Gym is creating a world in which all individuals are given the knowledge and inspiration to chase greatness.

Our Creed

I have a mission here on earth
A voice, a calling
That I must fulfill
With a skill set I was given
These are my tools
These are my gifts
My body carries me
Strong it must be
It is a structure that I must respect
It is my slave to be commanded
I accept full responsibility for my actions
I feel not sorry for myself
Nor do I argue that I am the master of my fate
Soaked in sweat
I march forward
Nothing can stop me
I was put here on earth to lead
To guide and encourage the weak
To provide the strength and eyes for those that have strayed
To carry on my shoulders all who are torn
I am a rock A fortress that will never be broken
Unbowed I stand Humbled,
I move forward With a vision and a purpose
I am Unscathed
I am Garage Gym



Our Values


  • Constant, steady improvement
  • Commitment to all clients’ success
  • Inspire individuals to chase greatness
  • Provide knowledge and framework for optimal health

Our Mission


At Garage Gym, we believe each client should enjoy a life of health, energy, balanced strength, and knowledge created through a solid foundation of proper training, nutrition, and lifestyle education. Our goal is to have each client achieve optimal whole body health, allowing them to discover and pursue their born essence.


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