Choosing A Coach

Choosing the right trainer and gym is a huge decision. The wrong decision will cost you money, frustration and is a bad experience leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. There are hundreds of “personal trainers”, and thousands of gyms that offer the “newest” programs. How do you know what trainer/facility will best suit your needs? I recommend you ask the following questions to a perspective trainer or facility owner prior to committing to a program.

  • Can you tell me about your assessment process that new clients go through?
  • Can I see a list of testimonials of clients who have participated in your programs?
  • How do your nutrition programs vary from client to client?
  • How is your program customized to me and my goals/needs?
  • Will I be taught an overhead squat or sumo dead lift high pull in my first few classes?
  • Hint: If the answer to this is yes, I would recommend keep looking.
  • I am interested in having my body fat tested. Can you tell me about your body fat testing process and specific details around sight scoring?
  • I have a hard time staying motivated and am looking for a higher purpose in my life, how can your programs help with this?
  • What certifications do you have and what did they entail in regards to program design and clinical hours?
  • What experiences do you have with clients like myself?

    The above questions and answers will help guide you when choosing a program and facility that will best suit your needs and help you accomplish your goals.
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