• Remote Fitness Coach
  • Facility Programming
  • Fitness coach mentor
  • Discovery
  • Consulting with Business, fitness, and life coaching
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Consulting
  • Values Determination
  • The Master Program (remote option)
We are not just another personal trainer, or just another strength coach. Our programs and services are individualized, progressive and get results for our clients. If you are looking for quick fixes or to just “have” a personal trainer, we are probably not the trainer for you. However, if you are motivated and committed to work on improving your physical/body performance and knowledge surrounding these areas then contact us. We have multiple packages with a variety of pricing options.
We train people of all abilities, experiences and goals. We have clients who are looking to keep a healthy, fit lifestyle allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest, all the way to athletes looking to compete in Triathlons, 5 and 10 K runs, Tough Mudders and CrossFit Competitions. Our current clientele includes individuals that reside in Central NY that partake in our fitness programs and throughout the United States with our life coaching and consulting programs. We work with all ages and abilities. The common trait with all our clients is the understanding that they are dedicated and motivated to achieving their goals.
Definitely. At the Garage Gym, we work with clients of all ages and abilities. Whether you have years of training experience or just starting a workout regime for the first time. You are carefully assessed and workouts/programs are designed around your needs and goals.

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For private, semi private, primal performance, life coaching packages, remote fitness coach or consulting clients please fill out a free consultation request form or simply call (315)368-8492 to schedule.

For seminars please email us at info@garagegymjourney.com to reserve your slot.

If you are unsure which program best suits your needs feel free to call us to discuss your goals and options.

Many of our clients are extremely successful completing 2-3 customized workouts per week along with following healthy eating and lifestyle habits. The majority of home workouts range from 20-50 minutes and all private training sessions last 45 minutes. Depending on your experience, age, and goals, training frequency and volume will vary.