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Do you miss high school or collegiate sports? Are you looking for fun competition? Do you enjoy working out with others in a comfortable group setting? If you are interested in the sport of fitness, want to learn basic weightlifting or Olympic lifts and enjoy a general physical preparedness program, then this class is for you. These classes are high pace, fun and challenging. You will never repeat the same workout twice and you will follow a balanced program design allowing progress in multiple areas. Individuals are screened and placed into group A or B based on physical abilities and where they feel comfortable.

Our B group focuses on proper bodyweight movements, basic weightlifting, flexibility and aerobic based intervals. This class is for individuals who enjoy a community atmosphere geared towards learning the basics and improving general physical abilities without being thrown into a class that is designed for 21 year old college athletes.

Our A group is for individuals who have a fitness background and have an understanding with the olympic lifts, proper form with powerlifting movements, can perform burpees, jump rope, box jumps, pullups and other similar movements. A community atmosphere drives this intense class to new heights.

All programming is completed by a Crossfit multi-year competitor, 2008 Games Athlete, and OPT certified coach. Program designs are based on group abilties along testing/re-testing results as clients progress.


Class Schedule:

A Group– Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm

B Group– Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 6pm, Saturday at 8am

Mixed A+B Group– Morning Session: Monday, Wednesday 6am


**Spring 2014 Special- New Clients**

There is nothing more fulfilling than enjoying your spring and summer evenings relaxing after a challenging and satisfying workout.

1 month trial + 5 month commitment

2x/week $99/month

3x/week 149/month

– Email us at to inquire about additional details.


Regular Pricing:

3 Month Program 6 Month Program 12 Month Program
3x/week $175/month $13.50/class $165/month  $12.50/class $155/month  $12.00/class
2x/week $145/month $13.50/class $130/month  $12.50/class $115/month  $12.00/class
  • “I had blood work done last week…I’m now totally off my cholesterol medication.”

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