Getting Started

Private Coaching

All clients undergo a detailed functional movement screen, physical movement screen and work capacity test. A customized nutrition, lifestyle and training plan is designed around your assessment results, food journal, training age, and goals. This package is for anyone who is looking for a program customized specifically to them. Private coaching allows for clients to transfer seamlessly into a group class or remote programming package once a solid foundation is developed, if desired.

Semi Private Coaching

Do you enjoy working out with a friend or family member but still want a customized program? Then semi private coaching is for you! This program has all the benefits as private coaching but is shared with 1 or 2 other individuals of your choice at a discounted rate!

Primal Performance

– Group A/Group B- Oneida
Do you miss high school or collegiate sports? Are you looking for fun competition? Do you enjoy working out with others in a comfortable group setting? If you are interested in the sport of CrossFit, want to learn basic weightlifting or Olympic lifts and enjoy a general physical preparedness program, then this class is for you. These classes are high pace, fun and challenging. You will never repeat the same workout twice and you will follow a balanced program design allowing progress in multiple areas. All programming is completed by a CrossFit Games Competitor and OPT certified coach. Individuals are screened and placed into group A or B based on physical abilities and where they feel comfortable.

Open Gym

Our Oneida location offers limited spots for current Garage Gym clients who want to perform their workouts at Garage Gym on their own time during staffed open hours. Garage Gym is completely outfitted with all the equipment for your needs.

Boot Camp

Old School has 1350 square feet of, plyo boxes, dumbbells, pull-up bars, music, and upbeat sweating. This facility runs a boot camp like no other in Central NY. This class is led by Lisa Coleman, boot camp extraordinaire, with 7 years experience as a Certified Physical Trainer to the US military forces, multi-year athletic trainer at Hamilton College and exclusive coaching client directly under Josh Lewis. Old School is a fun and challenging environment that focuses on bodyweight, basic weightlifting and plyometric based movements. Each class is concluded with a nutrition and/or life coaching discussion helping you take your results to a new level!


Locations: Oneida and Old School. We believe in the numerous health benefits of yoga, relaxation, flexibility, meditation and learning to be present, which assist in living a healthy balanced life. Start your yoga routine today to discover mind and body awareness. Our instructors have top certifications and multiple years of instruction, making your experience unforgettable.

Program Design

Clients meet 1,2,3 or 4 times per month in person at Garage Gym for 1 hour workout/discussions. While away, clients follow a fitness program, and nutrition/lifestyle modifications geared towards them achieving their goals. This program is perfect for those who want monthly in person reviews and accountability check-ins along with an individualized plan to follow at their own facility.

Remote Program Design

For those individuals who are out of town and/or looking to train at their own facility. This is also a popular option for our group class, private and semi-private clients who are looking to complete workouts at their own facility centered on their goals and priorities while away from Garage Gym. Includes monthly workout design and individualized nutrition/lifestyle prescriptions. This program is very autonomous, as you MUST be motivated to work out on your own and have the proper facility or equipment at home to complete the workouts. Experienced CrossFitters, endurance athletes and collegiate athletes are just a few of the types of clients that find this package unique to their needs.


Available by appointment only, these 1 hour consultations are designed around the client’s questions and knowledge they are looking to obtain. Topics range from fitness business advice, nutrition, life coaching and fitness training.