Remote Design

Program Design

Clients meet 1,2,3 or 4 times per month in person at Garage Gym for 1 hour workout/discussions personally with Josh Lewis. While away, clients follow a fitness program, and nutrition/lifestyle modifications geared towards them achieving their goals. This program is perfect for those who want monthly in person reviews and accountability check-ins along with an individualized plan to follow at their own facility.

Remote Fitness Coach

For those individuals who are out of town and/or looking to train at their own facility. This is also a popular option for our group class, private and semi-private clients who are looking to complete workouts at their own facility centered on their goals and priorities while away from Garage Gym. Includes monthly workout design and individualized nutrition/lifestyle prescriptions. This program is very autonomous, as you MUST be motivated to work out on your own and have the proper facility or equipment at home to complete the workouts. Experienced CrossFitters, endurance athletes and collegiate athletes are just a few of the types of clients that find this package unique to their needs.

Everyone needs a coach. Whether you are new to fitness, an advanced athlete or someone who finds it hard to “stick to the plan”, this package is for you. Are you looking for direction, accountability, and structure with your health and fitness jouney? Garage Gym works with numerous clients around the country as their personal remote fitness coach. There are thousands of workout programs on the internet, and even more diet programs, the confusion is endless. This program allows for clients to have a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program designed for them and their goals/abilities, ending the confusion and frustration that results when guessing at what to do next.