Jake Wratten

Jacob has been a movement enthusiast his whole life. He was raised on a small farm in Central New York and realized how important mobility/strength was from the most simplistic standpoint; such as getting up off the ground when you fall to much more advanced levels such as working towards a one arm pull up. Currently he divides his time between working at the Waterville Veterinary Clinic, spending time with his extensive family, and working with clients at both Paragon Athletic Club and Garage Gym HQ.  He has competed in numerous mud/obstacle runs including the Spartan race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Daniel Barden Highland Mudfest, has logged numerous hours training Crossfit and is now a full time student under Josh Lewis following his experience under the Ido Portal Method. Through the years he has acquired a passion for helping others achieve new levels of health and well-being.