Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis has been an athlete and fitness geek his entire life. He’s played sports from the time he could walk until he graduated from Utica College in 2005. His competitive events consist of competing in the Empire State Games in Weightlifting in 9th grade and also in 2007, won the 2007 Beast of the East at Crossfit Albany, competed in the Crossfit Games Championship 2008, Crossfit Regionals in 2009 and 2010, and Crossfit Sectionals 2011,2012. He completed a 12 mile Tough Mudder in New Jersey, ranked in the top third at the 2011,2012 OPT Big Dawg Bash in San Diego, has completed 3 local 15k Boilermaker road races, and has completed 1 mile open water swims in the Adirondack Lakes. He is currently coached by Ido Portal via online programming.

He works with clients who come on a daily basis from a variety of backgrounds, all ages and experiences. He’s helped numerous individuals increase strength levels, flexibility, anaerobic and aerobic capacities, train for marathons, Crossfit competitions, and Ironmans.  Josh holds 3 certifications from the OPT CCP Training Program, completed his Crossfit Level 1 Class and is continuing to build his knowledge base every day. Josh is currently coached by movement specialist Ido Portal. In addition he is the creator of the Garage Gym Trainers Training Program (GG-TTP), a 10 week hands on and theory based class that is geared towards instructing and educating fitness coaches that join the Garage Gym Team.

His passion comes from watching others grow and exceed all their goals while continually learning. Education is the key at Garage Gym. Josh educates all his clients on the proper way to move, train, eat and live. He feels all these pieces are needed to ensure functional longevity and sets up people for a successful future no matter what activity they choose to take on.

He spends his free time hunting for whitetail, training for competitions, hiking in the Adirondacks, fly fishing and hanging out with his Springer Spaniel Rondax.