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Melissa’s Journey

MellissaTestimonyBack in college I always felt uncomfortable with the way that I looked. I simply lacked confidence in myself. The problem was that I didn’t know what worked best for my body and was constantly fighting to be skinny…..and that wasn’t getting me anywhere. I was at a plateau when it came to my weight. I just couldn’t shed those last 10 lbs, and forget about ever seeing definition. I worked with three different trainers over those years, and not one of them could deliver the results I was looking for. Then, I came to GG.

At GG I set goals, and crush those goals every couple of weeks. For example— I want to deadlift 225lbs for reps…. I am going to hit that faster than I am going to look in the mirror and like what see. So performance goals are going to get you there faster, which in turn will get you the results in your physique that you are looking for. People come up to me at my gym back at home and ask me what I do. They are blown away by how strong I am, yet still have a “girlie” figure. I can’t speak highly enough about it. GG has made me more confident, stronger, and more fit that I have ever been. It has helped me to gain muscle and lose fat, which is exactly what my body wanted. It’s kind of a homeostasis, it’s happy this way. But I think for a long time I was trying to change it so much because I thought I knew what I wanted to look like (skinny), and now with GG, I am very comfortable, strong, and lean 🙂

Inside GG there are no excuses, no fancy machines, no mirrors, no BS. We run, we jump, we lift and we sweat. We work … hard. There is weight, and lots of it. If you are looking for results, I would say go for it. It would be the best decision you have ever made, and you will not regret it.

-Melissa Tanner

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laurel 2Laurel has an absolutely amazing story and journey that she has traveled.
Laurel sat down at her consultation Nov 14th 2011, tired, frustrated with modern medicine, she was sleeping more than she was awake due to no energy, working full-time with 2 kids and married. At Laurels assessment she had a difficult time performing squats, bending and all upper body movements due to pain in her joints, sore back, and major structural balances. Below is a brief summary of what has happened in the past 8 months!!

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PeteTestimonyHaving an extensive background in sports, athletics, and teaching and delivering health and wellness to my own practice members, I contacted Josh and Alicia based on reading their philosophy on their website. What they were teaching their clients, was what I truly have been living, with the exception of allowing myself to be coached. So I enrolled in the process at Garage Gym to break through the limits that are created when we only rely on our own limited knowledge, no matter how intelligent we may be.


I was impressed right away by the initial assessment, the progression of exercise difficulty, and the unique workouts. I always look forward to the next workout because I never know what new exercises I will learn. Every workout is tailored to where you are as an individual (ability), and where you want to go (goal based). Josh’s knowledge of exercise physiology and the science behind it is excellent and applied very well. I have had more breakthroughs and personal records in the last 8 months at Garage Gym than I have had in the past 8 years training on my own “the old fashioned way.” I have been so pleased with the results and the systems at Garage Gym that I have enrolled my oldest son Nathan and my wife Sandy. We are all thrilled and excited to be part of the Garage Gym family! Thanks to Josh, Alicia, Jessica, Lisa and Alex for helping our family to be healthier.

Be Well,

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Working out at Garage Gym has helped me tremendously. It has boosted my speed, strength, agility, and conditioning. At Garage Gym they teach you form before weight. You have to have the right form before you can go up in weight. At Garage Gym it’s all about the intensity, how many reps of this can you do in this amount of time? You will work your butt off in every workout! You can’t increase your fitness level by being lazy. You have to be fully committed to increasing your fitness level.

testimonials-sarah A muscle-builder’s body is the last thing I am interested in as a middle-aged professional, soon to be grandmother. As someone who has made fitness a priority throughout my life, I was skeptical when I started with Josh, not sure what his program could add to my already solid routine. After 3 months, I felt healthier, stronger, younger, and more fit than I have ever been. What did his coaching add? I have discovered muscles I didn’t know I had, and learned that overtraining certain parts of your body creates imbalances which actually age you faster and break down your health. As my body develops that healthier balance, in addition to that enhanced sense of well-being everyone else talks about, I am noticing an improved posture, stance and gait which give me a more youthful appearance. Working with Josh is a pleasure; he manages to hit the perfect combination of “challenger” and “supporter”, and his routines are never boring!
BushTestimonyI have been in private practice since 1999 and have spent the last near 15 years treating patients of all calibers and walks of life. I am also a fitness fanatic and have trained everything from weightlifting to kettlebells to Crossfit. I have trained and instructed individual athletes for years as well as taught and led group classes in Crossfit and kettlebells for the past 4 years. The one thing I wasn’t getting was constructive criticism and coaching on my own athleticism and technique or deficiencies.


I first heard of Josh Lewis from a patient of mine who had started making incredible Crossfit and strength gains in a very short period of time. I am a level 1 Crossfit instructor and was a little shocked at how quickly my patient had turned into an absolute beast under the guidance of Josh. I met Josh shortly thereafter and got to know him pretty well throughout the following few months. I competed in the Crossfit sectionals in 2012, and started picking Josh’s brain mid sectionals about strategy and recommendations for the competing WODS. Right after sectionals I sat down and spoke with Josh about where I would like my training to go as I had been training myself forever. One of the first things Josh did was break me down into my weaknesses. Yup–weaknesses, not strengths. Over the next couple of months Josh trained me onsite as well as remote programming. I saw my deadlift go from 305 pounds to 385 pounds very quickly. All of my competitive lifts went through the roof from where they were and my aerobic and anaerobic capacity reached levels I had never achieved before. I learned how to listen to my body under the most demanding conditions. Where I had been plagued with lactic acid overload and adrenal fatigue in the past, I became able to enjoy the experience and listen to my body to achieve maximum results. My box jump ballooned to a comfortable 34-36 inches, I was able to do double-unders without taking a beating from the rope, and every aspect of my athletic performance skyrocketed throughout last summer. Josh also helped me prepare for the Civilian Military Combine which I competed in the end of the summer of 2012. Josh not only teaches and helps you strengthen, but he helps you understand YOUR OWN body and physiology and how to appreciate it.

On a professional note I am very involved in the treatment of all of my patients and I insist all do some form of exercise usually as per my instruction. The one thing I was missing was someone in the area who I could communicate directly with in this regards. I am able to send Josh a list of concerns I have with patients and I trust him 100 percent in the care of my patients and have been able to watch them overcome their own weaknesses and improve their quality of life in all aspects. There is no ‘throw everyone in a group and do whatever’ programming. It’s not white board scribbles for the masses. He strategically plans the workouts and training sessions and gets amazing results. Josh’s clients don’t just walk away more fit, they walk away with the knowledge, understanding, and ability to perform; whether it be on their own or in a group competition. If you have a specific goal–he will make sure you achieve it. I truly cannot recommend Josh Lewis and the staff of Garage Gym enough. Thank you to a personal friend and a professional liaison.

ericJosh and I have known each other for many years. In fact, in 2005, he was the one who introduced me to Crossfit, when I began my “fitness” journey. As I started this journey, I made a promise to myself to never go back to when I peaked at 204 pounds. I left for medical school in 2006 still maintaining this promise to myself. Over the course of 4 years, I saw myself in decent shape along with a decent diet still performing the CrossFit wods as time allowed. After graduating, I began a one year internship in surgery where 80-90 hour work weeks were the death of me. I made it to the gym 3 times that year. My pants were tighter, stress was at an all-time high, and I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs with a laundry basket without getting short of breath. With the option of taking on another year of surgery before I start my Anesthesia residency in July of 2012, I respectfully declined. Why you ask? The answer was simple. I remember the promise I made to myself back when I was at an all-time low. It was time to take my life and my body back.

A week after my internship ended in July of 2011, I was in Oriskany Falls getting pinched by Josh with those calipers that are familiar to many of us. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. All that stress was evident in my umbilical score. It was then the diet changed, the stress levels were reduced and I began the journey that Josh always preaches about. The first couple of months were pretty rough. My body was taxed to the max with simple movements…the sweating, the shaking. After a year of inactivity, I guess that is expected. If it wasn’t for Josh, his coaching, his preaching, his tailoring to my specific needs and weaknesses…I couldn’t have made it through it. After 8 weeks, I went for a visit. Umbilical score dropped significantly. I continued with my prescription and 8 weeks after that…the same result. My body fat % continued to drop, while not losing a single pound. This is a stark contrast from what I saw during my internship. There I saw my body fat increasing, and my weight decreasing.

You may be wondering where I stand today? Well, I can tell you I am standing a lot happier, leaner, and stronger. I have hit numerous PRs this past week and my body fat hasn’t been this low since I was 18 years old (I am 32 now). I began training with a deadlift at 135 pounds and now have a 1RM of 300. My power clean hit an all-time high of 180 pounds with a 175 pound C&J. Back squat? 245 pounds (2-0-1-0) where in July I maxed out at 155 pounds. Front squat went from 155 pounds to a 1RM of 245 pounds. I am sure Josh can throw many more numbers at you. Never did I think that this was all attainable in only 6 months of training three days a week. If it wasn’t for proper coaching and attention to my individual needs, this would have never been attainable. Knowing Josh on both a personal and professional level has made a world of difference. I have seen him grow as a coach, mentor, and athlete. Without him, I never would have been able to keep that promise I made to myself over six years ago.

testimonials-anthonyI first became a client of garage gym in late January of 2011. I started out attending group classes once a week, and began remote programming by March. Prior to joining garage gym, I was like any other typical gym goer. I would work out roughly 3-4 times per week for a couple months and then lose interest. While at the gym I had no set goals or plan while at the gym. I would walk around, do a couple different lifts, maybe a little cardio then go home.

I saw little to no results from my previous gym experience. A friend referred me to Garage Gym and from the moment I stepped in the door, I knew I was in the right place.  GG was extremely welcoming and supportive, even though my abilities were far less than the other members of the group class.

I decided to obtain Josh’s services for several reasons. For one, I knew it would give stability and structure in my everyday life. I had become complacent and lazy. I also wanted to become a better athlete, and get back into the shape that I once was in. One of the most important things I learned from Josh and GG is focus- something that I had lacked when it came to nutrition and fitness. I had no goals or diet. Josh has helped me focus in on my diet and strive for weightlifting goals that I never thought were imaginable. I went from 195lbs down to 179. I could not do a single pull-up and can now complete 15 consecutively. My back squat went from 160 to 255 lbs. Deadlift increased from 135 to 255lbs. I had no “Olympic Style” lifting experience previous to joining GG, and can now “power clean and jerk” 155lbs. Bigger and better things are in store for the future!

testimonials-benThe group classes have allowed me to work along with others that are trying to obtain a high fitness level. This helps me to push hard to try and beat the guy, or girl, next to me and to get coaching from Josh at the same time. It’s a great environment that has a lot of support to push yourself to your maximum physical capacity.

The remote programming has helped me to get my diet “in check”, which helps the efficiencies of my workouts and to gain results from what I’m working hard to obtain…a better heart rate, better sleeping and body composition. Also, while at the Garage Gym, Josh is able to pinpoint the areas I need extra work on, so in my remote program he develops workouts that focus on these weak points that help me to perform better at his gym.

testimonials-jessica I am very excited to have reached the one year mark of being a part of Garage Gym. I can reflect on my goals and achievements of 2011 and now set new goals for 2012. Setting goals and reflecting on growth is an ongoing process and is consistently done at the Garage Gym. I always leave every class with feeling a sense of accomplishment and am continuously able to see growth. I am pleased to have achieved a lot of my goals for 2011. I have changed my diet to include more nutritious foods and have increased my flexibility and strength.

I came to Garage Gym doing zero pull-ups and am now able to do five. My body fat has decreased making my body more toned. My running has improved and I ran in a four mile race this summer, completing it six minutes faster than when I had previously run the race. Most importantly, I have increased awareness of the importance of sleep and healthy choices in my life. I look forward to achieving my new goals!

bobbi after1

In April 2012, I was almost 55 years old, overweight with limited flexibility and very discouraged about my general level of fitness.  I had tried many diets with only temporary, minimal results.  I had been running for a few years but that made me feel bad about myself too, because I was so slow and could never keep up with anyone that I tried running with.

We were planning a trip to Hawaii in June for a wedding and I really wanted to make some serious changes in myself so I could go on my trip without all the usual, negative feelings when I had to wear shorts or heaven forbid…a bathing suit!

I had heard about Garage Gym through friends but I didn’t really know what it was all about.  I thought it was for “fitness freaks” that were already in great shape and they would never be able to help someone like me. I felt I was so far out of shape that I would never be able to do what they might ask of me.  I finally got the courage to call Josh for a consultation and have been working out with Alicia ever since.  It’s the best decision that I’ve ever made for myself and my overall well-being.

I’ve been working with Alicia not only with physical training but with lifestyle changes as well.  I’ve completely changed what I eat and how I view food. Since I began at Garage Gym, I have lost 40 lbs. and I’m down 4 dress sizes.  I have cut nearly 2 min/mile off my running and I’m so much stronger and flexible than I was a year ago.  But the biggest change though, isn’t in the numbers, it has taken place inside of me.  The self confidence that I have gained is beyond measure.  I can walk into a room and not feel like everyone is looking at me because I’m overweight.  I can go to a department store and try on clothes without crying.  I’m willing to try physical activities that I never thought I could do.   I recently signed up to run the 15K Boilermaker this year for the first time!  It has brought me a sense of personal accomplishment that I have never felt before.  I am truly excited about going to Garage Gym each week to see what else I can do.

Garage Gym is for everyone regardless of age, weight or physical ability.   They will tailor your program to your needs, abilities and your personal goals.  Don’t ever think you can’t make big changes in your physical and mental well- being because you definitely can and Garage Gym is there to help you every step of the way!

Gosh, that hour session goes by far too fast! There are so many questions I have for you and just so little time. But I can tell you that every response you give me, or comment you share, I soak up like a sponge. You have taught me so much. Not just about fitness, but more about the difference between knowing myself and knowing about myself. That my destiny is molded by what my core values are and how I carry out certain actions in life to pave my way to a more peaceful, happy, balanced, me.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you and Alicia know how happy I am that I found you both. The combination of meeting Catherine and her suggesting I connect with you has been life changing. As you knowI had a major life event in October of 2011 and decided that 2012 would be my year. After having been a major support person for my sister for her 10 year struggle I needed to regroup. I never realized how stressful those 10 years were. I will always be grateful for every moment with her as she was an inspiration, BUT I realized I wasn’t taking good care of myself. The Garage Gym has changed my life. I never thought I could make the kind of strides and gains that I have over a 6 month period, working out only 2-3 times per week! I can now say…I am so proud of myself! I have lowered my body fat by 27%, lost inces, had weight reduction, improved my strength and increased my flexibility all at 55 years young (almost 56). Hell I can even do pushups again! I couldn’t have accomplished this without you both. It is more than a workout with physical gains. The Garage Gym is an emotionally and intellectually stimulating place. Great conversations, exchange of information, positive energy flow, humor and comradery are abundant at your place. A tribute to you both. I feel at home there and part of a healthy family…I thank you.

Just wanted to tell you that I had blood work done last week to see if I can get off my cholesterol medicine and the doctor called today and said my ration is the same with the medicine and without so I’m totally off all my medications!

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the life coaching sessions you have taken the time to do with me. I can say without question that these sessions had a profound impact on how I dealt with my recent life changes. There is no doubt in my mind that before the first session I did not have the skills necessary to deal with a situation such as that and come out on the other side a few months later feeling so good about where things are heading. You have given me the foundational skill set that I know will help make me a more successful person and father. Since our first session I received a huge promotion at work, my body feels rested and full of energy and I no longer question where I should be spending my time and efforts. Your insights have helped reshape my future into an exciting journey.”

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