Why Garage Gym?
The Real Question Is Why Not?

1More than Fitness

We attract individuals who are looking for more than just fitness. We understand and embrace the fact that all individuals are unique and are born with a purpose and special skill set.You do not have to love fitness to become a part of the GG family but you have to be committed to the process and journey.

2Customized Programs

Programs are customized to you and your needs, all workouts are 100% scalable to your abilities. Progression each week is built into your workouts and our test and re/test methods provide clear feedback to clients in regards to their improvements.

3Focus on YOu

We do not specifically focus on fitness for all, we focus on how fitness and health aids in what you truly love doing. We link fitness and health to your true passions in life, hiking, family, snowboarding, camping, teaching, etc…

4Comfort Levels

We do not put our personal biases on what we feel you should be doing during your workout. We have our clients complete fitness programs that they are comfortable with and that resonates with their “athlete essence”.

5100% Service

Amazing customer service, our goal is 100% client satisfaction. Our job as coaches are to be an educator, mentor, supporter, provide challenge, goal setter, provide safe ideas and resolutions for advancement, and motivator. We keep our clients moving in a straight line.

6Ask Deep Questions

We ask deep questions: What are your long term plans in life, what are your passions, what are your dreams, what are your fears. We ask these questions as a part of our life coaching process. This leads to higher order levels of goal setting and understanding surrounding the big picture.

7Understand Fear

We understand many people are afraid to start a fitness program because they are afraid of failure due to past failures, afraid of not being able to do “it”, and afraid of getting hurt. We think ahead of our clients and provide answers to these questions before it becomes an issue. We de-escalate clients and set them up for success.

8Elite Status

For fitness enthusiasts and those looking to chase elite status, whether in a specific sport, crossfit or competition, we have worked with collegiate D1, D3, former collegiate, law enforcement including FBI and State Trooper, Crossfit Competitors, military, adventure races, tri athletes, military combine, marathon, boilermaker, motocross and others.

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